The “Blues LP Advertisement” Project

So, this wasn’t really a “project” per se, but…. a couple years ago, we thought it would be a good idea to try and promote our humble little radio show while paying homage to some of our favorite LPs (or, in the case of entry #3, perhaps ones that were, well… LOL… uh, “infamous,” shall we say). The main idea was to get the word out about the kind of music we like to play around here at Blues Unlimited.

Some of these we thought came out pretty good, and maybe others missed the mark a bit. You be the judge…. and next week, we’ll have a few more for you as well. The long and short of it…. don’t worry! We’re not giving up on the radio show business to become high-powered ad executives on Madison Avenue anytime soon!

1) Muddy Waters. This seemed like an obvious place to start…. right?

2) Next up was Howlin’ Wolf. This took a bit of photoshop “wizardry” to get the typeface right, and although we had fun doing it, weren’t too sure the end result was really worth all the time it took.

3) Next up, somebody near and dear to our hearts…. Elmore James. The inspiration for this one came pretty easily, and we figured that die-hard blues fans would “get” the inside joke.

4) Speaking of which, this ended up being one of our favorites from the series. Although it helps to know the inside reference, we like to think it speaks for itself really. And besides… Mississippi Fred is one of our all time favorites!

That’s all for now! More next week….

Link for Part 2

Link for Part 3

Hello to all our fans and listeners!

We’re really excited about our brand spankin’ new website! We figured after 8 years of production, 229 episodes, and more than half a million words that have gone into our radio program scripts, it was about time we had a place of our very own on the web. Welcome, and stay tuned… we’re glad you’re here!

(and… in case you’re curious… that amounts to about seven or eight thousand pieces of music. We don’t have an exact count on that yet. We’ll have to get back to you…)