Now Available – “Blues Unlimited: The Complete Radio Show Transcripts”

We’re pleased to say that all three volumes of Blues Unlimited: The Complete Radio Show Transcripts have now been published as eBooks! They’re available from Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and also available in the Kindle Store from Amazon.

As you might be aware, a lot of background research goes into every episode of Blues Unlimited, and the decision was made to make these books available as a resource to fans, students, scholars, radio programmers, and other researchers…. as well as listeners who simply want to know further details about the more than 6,300 musical performances that have previously been featured on Blues Unlimited. Altogether, these three volumes represent more than 1,800 pages of text — containing well over half a million written words! — spread out over the course of more than 200 programs.

A new show is posted every Tuesday, on the home page at Blues Unlimited Radio.

And thanks again to ALL the listeners who pledged their support to make these three volumes possible — we couldn’t have done it without your support!

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