The “Blues LP Advertisement” Project — Part 2

Continuing where we left off last week, here’s a few more for you. Once again, the idea was to have fun promoting the show, while paying homage to a few of our favorite blues LPs.

1) We’ve always loved Lightnin’ Hopkins, and we’ve always loved the artwork on this LP. A little bit of photoshopping was definitely involved…. but, since we’re talkin’ Lightnin’ Hopkins here, we figure it was worth all the time we spent neatening it up a bit!

2) Speaking of favorites, this one was irresistible. We spent a little time trying to “match” the typeface, and have to say we think it came out pretty close to the honoring the original. As for whether or not the original LP had either a white background or a cream-colored one, we’ll leave that for collectors to debate….

3) Once again, inspiration lent itself pretty easily when it came to this long-time fan favorite….

4) Finally…. that leads us to our last advertisement to be inspired by an LP cover. Once again (as with the Howlin’ Wolf/Elmore James one from last week), there’s a definite “inside joke” here. Long time blues fans will immediately “get it,” but for those who might be in the dark, the caption at the top refers to a heated exchange (most of it unrepeatable in public) between record label boss Leonard Chess and Sonny Boy Williamson, on the topic of what constitutes a small town, versus what a “little village” might be (which was the name of the song Sonny Boy was attempting to record that day, before Chess so rudely interrupted him). We were tempted to honor the “original language” between the two of them to reflect this now legendarily infamous exchange, but in the end, thought the better of it. If you “get” the joke, we’re pretty sure you’ll get a chuckle out of it….

Next week…. we’ll feature the last of the bunch (whose inspiration was from other than old blues LPs), plus, our absolute favorite from the whole series!


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